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Sunset Echinacea Pie and Bowl Covers

Sunset Echinacea Pie and Bowl Covers


XS (fits up to 4.5")

M (fits up to 7")

XL (fits up to 11")

Reusable, long lasting cloth covers handmade in NC from vintage linens. Cover your pies, quiches, cakes, plates of cookies, summer salads, fresh berries, lemon and avocado halves. Also, these one of a kind covers make great host gifts when bringing a pie to your neighbor's bbq or friend's dinner party.

Eco alternative to pastic wrap and tin foil.

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    free US shipping on all purchases over $40.

  • refund and returns

    due to the nature of a small business, refunds and returns are not accepted at this time.

  • care instructions

    delicate wash, cold, line dry.

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