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My Story

As the founder of this company I wanted to create a series of unique products that would address the overuse of single use plastic in our culture today. Being a former clothing designer, lover of cooking nutritious meals and one who seeks strength and calm from being outdoors, my eye gravitates toward beautiful, functional fabrics. Items that work well in the kitchen and on the many trips to the grocery store and farmers markets.

Vintage linens spoke to me with their incredible workmanship and quality. Repurposing these items from the past helps me offer this amazing blue planet a little protection by not using more of our precious resources to produce new materials.

Growing up along side a river in Upstate New York my favorite activity was to go for long walks on the Towpath. Taking in and appreciating nature has helped me to think of ways to improve the environment and our waterways.

My hope is that you find these products so irresistible you will incorporate them in to your everyday life. That small change of habit could make a big and lasting impact on our soil and marine life that is being so adversely affected by plastic.

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