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Lilacs Pie and Bowl Covers

Lilacs Pie and Bowl Covers


XS (fits up to 4.5")

S (fits up to 6")

M (fits up to 7")

XL (fits up to 10.5")

These sentimental cloth covers are handmade in our NC studio from heirloom linens. What you get is a beautiful reusable, long lasting cover that is either one of kind or part of a very limited series. Once they are purchased often that pattern will not be available again.

Many uses to cover fresh berries, lemon halves, iced beverages, homemade kombucha and vinegars, suntea, rising dough, sourdough starter, pies, quiches, cookies, cakes...

  • Care Instructions

    remove labels, delicate wash cold, line dry

  • Returns and Refunds

    due to the nature of a small business we cannot accept returns or refunds at this time.

  • Shipping Info

    free shipping for a limited time within the US, all other territories USPS fees apply.

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