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Italian Kitchen Pie and Bowl Covers

Italian Kitchen Pie and Bowl Covers


XS (fits up to 4.5")

M (fits up to 7")

XL (fits up to 11"

One of a kind, reusable cloth covers. Handmade in NC from Heirloom Linens. Many uses for these beautiful, high quality covers... sourdough starter, bread dough, homemade vinegars and Kombucha, fresh berries, lemon, lime and avocado halves, pies, quiches, cakes, cookies, summer salads, ice tea, lemonade, coffee, tea...

Also, makes a perfect gift for host, housewarming, bridal shower, Mother's Day, birthday and hoildays.

  • shipping

    free US shipping on all orders over $40, all other territories- standard rates apply.

  • care instructions

    remove labels,  delicate cold wash, line dry.

  • returns and refunds

    due to the nature of a small business returns and refunds not accepted at this time.

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