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Holiday Pie and Bowl Covers

Holiday Pie and Bowl Covers


XL (fits up to 11") Red Birds

M ( fits up to 7") Snowbells Winter Scene

M fits up to 7") Holiday Butterfly

M (fits up to 7") Evergreen

XS (fits upto 4.5") Red Bell Ornament

M (fits up to 7") Candles with Winter Bloom

S (fits up to 6") Winter Bloom

These one of a kind cloth covers make excellant gifts for the holidays. Handmade in North Carolina from heirloom linens.



  • Returns and Refunds

    due to the nature of a small business, refunds sand returns not accepted at this time.

  • Shipping

    free US shipping on all orders over $40.

  • Care Instructions

    delicate wash, cold, line dry.

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