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Such a Pretty Hen Produce Bag

Such a Pretty Hen Produce Bag


Produce Bag handmade from vintage linens in our North Carolina studio.

Be the example at your local farmers market and grocery store to choose reusable cloth versus harmful single use plastic bags.

To store veggies in frig simply douse bag in water, wring out and place veggies in bag. Many kinds of produce last longer in breathabe cloth than airtight plastic.

Size M - 12.5" w x 13'h

Tare Weight - .160 lb

  • Returns and Refunds

    due to the nature of a small business returns/refunds not accepted at this time.

  • Care Instructions

    remove all labels, delicate wash cold, line dry

  • Shipping Info

    free shipping US on alll orders over $40, all other territories USPS fees apply

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