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Flowering Bonsai  Snack Bags and Covers

Flowering Bonsai Snack Bags and Covers


XS Snack Bags 

Flowering Bonsai (5" x5")

Yellow Gigham (4.5" x 5")

Seedling (5.5" x 5.5") yellow/pink/white

XS (fits up to 4.5") plain, no design

M (fits up to 7")

XL (fits up to 11")

Beautiful, reusable, long lasting covers and snack bags handmade in our NC studio from Vintage Irish Linen. Be a part of a circular economy where very little new resources were used in the making of these products and they may be recycled or composted. 

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    free US shipping on all orders over $40

  • care instructions

    delicate wash, cold, line dry.

  • refunds and returns

    refunds and returns not accepted at this time.

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